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Product Ranking using Recipes

Product Ranking using Recipes
Presented by: Tasneem Zaveri on 11th May 2022

You said it, and we heard it. Please join Tasneem to discuss how you can rate products using Recipes in CRM Analytics. This is a follow-up session from our previous webinar - Introduction to Recipe. Why join us you ask?
1. You'll see different recipe nodes work in harmony to create a solution
2. Tasneem will touch update, join(cross join), aggregate, transform, and writeback to salesforce(output) nodes as part of her solution
3. No slide, Demo only webinar

This session is the second webinar of the "Recipes" series. It is targeted at users of intermediate levels - users who know the basics of recipes. In case you're just starting with recipes, I'd recommend watching "Introduction to Recipe" first before joining the session. While this webinar is primarily for intermediate users, everyone can join for discussion on best practices.