CRM Analytics Learning Days

Timeseries Forecast in CRM Analytics

Date: March 15th, 2023 @8am PT
Speaker: David Martin
Demo by: Darshna Sharma

Here's an excellent opportunity for you to learn the art of Timeseries forecasts from a senior Data Scientist of salesforce. In this session, David will walk us through:

1. What does time series forecast even mean? And why are we calling it forecast, and not prediction?
2. Data you need to run good timeseries forecasts
3. Holtwinter algorithm
4. How to read and understand the final results
5. Quick demo of timeseires in CRMA using saql and data prep

You do not need to be an expert in statics or mathematics or python to attend this session. A basic understanding of 'mean' and 'normal distribution of data' is good enough :)

I encourage you to join this session regardless of whether you work on CRM Analytics. David has some excellent, easy-to-grasp information to share. Towards the end, we'll see how easy it is to do timeseries forecast using CRM Analytics.